Preseason. Prior to the season. For Tooting & Mitcham this mythical period prior to the season start is in fact just the time between the last game of the previous season and the first day of our current season.


The goalkeeper can see the whole pitch in front of him, and as such is in a privileged position to let the rest of the team know what might be going on behind their backs.


The close season is hard enough. People’s Saturday afternoons for the next two months stretch in front of them like massive vacuums in the space/time continuum. Now what?


Last weekend, our game versus Chalfont St. Peters was a part of the family fun day that the club hosted at Imperial Fields.The family fun day also made me think about what we as a club understand the idea of “family” to mean.

Fight or Flight

The club itself set about building its own mode of flight. A new structure was put in place. Fresh, young talent on the pitch and in the dugout.


Being a season ticket holder at Tooting & Mitcham for the past season, and having renewed for the season ahead, I have begun to understand what “support” is. That it is different to being a “fan”.

Young Champions

The fans should be very proud of this team and should look forward to its young stars turning out for the senior side. When they do, let’s give them the support and patience that they deserve.

Under Pressure

Pressure. The application of a physical force, the use of persuasion or intimidation. Coercion or stress caused through the overloading of demands. In football, it seems to apply in a number of ways.

The View of a Newcomer

I started coming to TMUFC towards the end of the glorious 16/17 campaign. Just the odd home match. I’m not sure what it was that particularly spurred me onto the 280 bus from Amen Corner that particular day.

Backwards to go Forwards

I don’t see it as a retreat, in fact the opposite, it’s a means of getting the ball over to the other side of the pitch with the least chance of disruption from the opposition. A means of creating space in the midfield, out wide and in the numbers.