One by One

I feel like the world is a better place for Tooting and Mitcham’s existence. Going to TMUFC matches, tell me things will all turn out just fine.

The Inevitable

I was personally proud of how the club, as a whole, held itself after the loss at the hands of a well organised and well drilled Poole Town FC.

Waltham Happy

Those of us behind the goal were in the perfect position to see the glint in his eye as he realised the keeper had left a small gap at his near-post.

Road to Hell

I jumped into my car and started the journey. Creeping around the 25, sitting at the Dartford Crossing. Not crossing at the Dartford Crossing, sitting at it.

Myth v Reality

I just wish more people would open their minds to the possibility that there may be life outside the closeted world of  the professional game.

The power of NINE

When was the last time we played an FA Cup tie on a Saturday in the NINTH month in a year ending in NINE (2019)? Possibly 1999 loss to Lowestoft (NINE letters).