Poddington Ponders: Dorking Wanderers

Poddington Ponders: Dorking Wanderers

So, it’s finally here. 2nd round qualifying day

Two weeks since Varndeanians were blown away

Early brunch, lucky boxers, black and white attire.

Quick read of The Power of Nine

A recent article of mine

A call from Nick, Maybe to bring my boots?

Make my debut for the Toots?

No “Get us a Guinness” No ban today

Well done to that man at the FA

A pint in hand Sun on your back

Watching the stripes Attack Attack.

An easy bus journey gets me there in time

All is good. The place looks fine

But wait, What the hell

Intruders on the Bog End Choir Stalls

Banging their drum with flags and all

No bother, we’ll stand beside and drown them out.

Come on you stripes, an early shout.

The Wanderers come for a stroll on our grass.

Warm up, they couldn’t be arsed.

No plastic baubles to get in the way

Just pure manicured grass, glistening on a bright sunny day.

Kick-off, control, ball to feet.

Try and tackle us

You’ll be left on your seat.

Well in control but chances a few

A near thing when Danny went through.

James Shaw with nothing to do but conduct the boys in front.

Sol and Daly solid in tying up their long punt

For little got passed Daryl, Isaac and Dom.

And George and Raz attacked with some.

Hady non stop

With Danny up top.

No panic we are self-confident.

0-0  half time off to the bar we went.

A ten-minute queue to be served

Plenty of optimism could be heard.

Second half only just underway

When Danny found DMG from halfway.

Dom ran, cut back, looked up and passed

In came Danny with a right foot blast.

Joy, rapture, the crowd erupted

But 10 minutes later we’re interrupted.

Sol red card and Cornelius soon to follow

Could we hang on for 30 minutes or so?

Hang on we did not do

We bossed the game I  tell you.

No shots for Shaw to worry about

Possession our trade day in, day out.

Last season it might have been hard to watch

But these boys are capable of so much

Final whistle lead to jumping and screaming

Fans on the terraces up on the ceiling.

Time taken to shake a Dorking hand then towards the Bog End they ran

Togetherness on pitch and with the fans a hallmark of this team

A pleasure to watch and invites us to dream.

What next you may ask

It’s Poole Town, another tough task.

A home tie on October the fifth

Only 8 more wins to get the cup to lift.

📸 by Sam Conquest/@iamsam28

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