The Tooting Ultras, a hundred yards away from the goal at the opposite end seethe with the injustice of this setback and call, half joking, for a review they know won’t come.


Kickoff came with a wipe of the brow, sweat drawn from the heat more so than nerves and in the first half we struggled to find our feet.


Good vibes and positivity can be fleeting. Spirit is unbottleable, so it seems to me that when it’s free-flowing, we should drink freely and enjoy it.

Cup Dreams

It can be easy to sit and dream about the FA Cup, imagining who’ll score the 93rd minute winner, stunning the home fans at Old Trafford, in turn sending the travelling fans berserk.

Home 2: Converts

It looked like it would be marked down in the books as a “heroic effort”- “a game we should’ve won”... that was until Razzaq Coleman received the ball outside the box.

Two Teams in Tooting

A nod to the tone we want to create around the writing we do, plus the importance of the demographic reality of South London, but also a move to celebrate the only playing colours that matter.

Cup Focus

If winning is a habit Tooting & Mitcham are dabbling at the moment. Three in three, added to the positive preseason, is a great start.


Preseason. Prior to the season. For Tooting & Mitcham this mythical period prior to the season start is in fact just the time between the last game of the previous season and the first day of our current season.


The goalkeeper can see the whole pitch in front of him, and as such is in a privileged position to let the rest of the team know what might be going on behind their backs.


The close season is hard enough. People’s Saturday afternoons for the next two months stretch in front of them like massive vacuums in the space/time continuum. Now what?


Last weekend, our game versus Chalfont St. Peters was a part of the family fun day that the club hosted at Imperial Fields.The family fun day also made me think about what we as a club understand the idea of “family” to mean.