Young Champions

The fans should be very proud of this team and should look forward to its young stars turning out for the senior side. When they do, let’s give them the support and patience that they deserve.

Under Pressure

Pressure. The application of a physical force, the use of persuasion or intimidation. Coercion or stress caused through the overloading of demands. In football, it seems to apply in a number of ways.

The View of a Newcomer

I started coming to TMUFC towards the end of the glorious 16/17 campaign. Just the odd home match. I’m not sure what it was that particularly spurred me onto the 280 bus from Amen Corner that particular day.

Backwards to go Forwards

I don’t see it as a retreat, in fact the opposite, it’s a means of getting the ball over to the other side of the pitch with the least chance of disruption from the opposition. A means of creating space in the midfield, out wide and in the numbers.

The Surrey Himalayas

One of Banstead’s apparently trademark tackles resulted in a penalty for the Terrors midway through the second half. Of course, there was consternation from players and bench alike, but the penno was absolutely nailed-on.

Hope Floats Remotely

When the team are away, however, it’s different. As it stands, I don’t do away games. As a newbie season ticket holder, I don’t feel I have graduated into the die-hard category yet, and need to serve my apprenticeship as a rookie before I get involved with the ultras.

Cheshunt? Chesham? Cestrehunt?

Home against Cheshunt. Not a place I know. I thought it was where a kid I disliked in college was from, but he was from Chesham. I’m not sure if the two places are related, and I’m certainly not interested to find out.


Down to 10 men. Playing it simple and rigid. Unimaginative & effective. Soft penalty and play off rivals take the lead.

Learning. The exchange of knowns and unknows. Ideas, movements and postures passed on with intention and unintentionally.